What is the gut microbiota?

The gut microbiota, or intestinal flora, is the collection of microorganisms found in the intestines. It is possible to study the gut microbiota from stool samples, because these microorganisms, mostly bacteria, are also found in your stool. Find out our selection of books.

How will  1test1TM be able to help me?

The diagnostic test 1test1TM, will allow you to know which bacteria are detected in your stool and in which quantities. This will tell you if your microbiota is well diversified or if, on the contrary, it lacks diversity.

The diagnostic test 1test1TM, is particularly indicated as a monitoring tool, it allows an objective evaluation of the impact of your lifestyle changes. For example, if you take probiotics, it is the ideal tool to objectively evaluate their effect on you. Your microbiota is personal and a probiotic that works for others can be quite useless to you. Doing the diagnostic test 1test1TM is in a way the "health" equivalent of getting on a scale when dieting.

The diagnostic test 1test1TM in consultation with a health professional (dietician, nutritionist, doctor, naturopath or osteopath) can allow for a more personalised care.

In which countries is 1test1 available?

1test1 is available in France, in Luxembourg and in Sweden.